Andy ToddCeltic fan Andrew Todd is the co-author of ‘Jukebook Durie: the best & worst football songs’ – the first book to tell the stories behind the anthems for every team in the UK.

He’s a part-time comedian and in 2014, he supported Eddie Izzard in ‘Please Don’t Go’, Izzard’s show about Scottish independence and worked with BBC Radio Scotland as a weekly guest on Referendum Tonight.

He has also appeared on Sky News, Channel 4 News, BBC Radio Wales and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.Andy’s also the co-author of The Fat Minister’s Question Time – which poked fun at the Scottish independence referendum – and The Dream Shall Never Diet – a parody of Alex Salmond’s referendum diary.

The Scotsman has said Andrew offers “feeble Salmond-baiting”, which he takes as a compliment and Sky News called him one of “Scotland’s leading cultural commentators”, which shows they don’t fact check.

He supports Celtic and Queens Park and you can buy Jukebox Durie here.

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