Andy Todd’s Jukebox Durie on the Wee Rangers with the Big Games

23 Aug

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By Andy Todd (@toddandy)

A couple of weeks ago Queen’s Park captain and central defender Ricky Little posted on Facebook: “I will apologise in advance to all my Rangers supporting friends, there’s a good chance I’m going to nail a couple of your players this season!!”

The comment prompted one pal to say: “Break that **** Broadfoot’s legs.”

Ricky Little responded: “First on the list mate!” – which must be the first time in his life that Kirk Broadfoot has been picked first.

But unfortunately for Ricky, the Daily Record and Scottish Sun picked up his comment and he became a headline story until he and Queens Park apologised.

And while this incident underlines the rivalry that will soon develop in the only Glasgow derby left this season. (Celtic has no local rivals in the SPL, Partick Thistle have none in Division 1). Rangers v Queens Park must be the big derby of Division 3 – or is it?

It may get the most fans. It may involve the bigger team, but, for Queens Park fans, the derby that really matters is that against Berwick Rangers.

The Berwick games represent a rivalry bigger than the southside of Glasgow. In Queen’s Park, we have Scotland’s oldest club. In Berwick we have a club that should be in England if it had only had a decent geography teacher when it was formed. Queens Park v Berwick Rangers is Scotland v England.

In the world of Division 3, Rangers may be marked men, but the painful lesson they’ll soon learn is that while they may be the biggest team that doesn’t guarantee them the biggest games.

(An aside – if anyone knows any proper links to Berwick Rangers songs please get in touch).

Link to Berwick chants including their version of Spandau Ballet’s Gold known as ‘Black & Gold’:

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After too many years as season ticket holder at Parkhead, Andy Todd renounced the SPL three years ago to support Queens Park. One team is a rank bunch of amateurs who play in a state of the art stadium and the other is…(I think we can all see where this is going).

Andy has been performing comedy for 18 months but is currently ‘between gigs’ while he writes a book on Scottish property law to be published in Summer 2012. Its potential audience will be less than 300 but his mum will be very proud.

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